ig Give 2020 is South Texas’s only 24-hour online giving day fueled by the power of generous individual donor, creative nonprofits who utilize social media/marketing to outreach during the community-wide day of giving.


The goal of the Big Give is to provide participating nonprofits in our 15-county area a secure online giving website that allows them to market to and raise money from individual donors. This website also gives those donors access to hundreds of local nonprofits to research, learn about and support thru their online donation(s).


The mission/goal of Big Give is to provide participating nonprofits in our 15-county area a secure online giving website that allows them to market to and raise money from individual donors. This website also gives those donors 100’s of local nonprofits to research, learn about and support thru their online donation(s). We also provide extensive in-person training and an online nonprofit toolkit to assist the nonprofits in their efforts not only for Big Give but tools they can use throughout the year in their fundraising efforts.

Big Give 2020

The Big Give is presented and managed by The Nonprofit Council. The Nonprofit Council is comprised of professionals, business leaders and Executive Directors/CEOs of nonprofit organizations in San Antonio, Bexar and surrounding counties who have a mission to support, connect and strengthen the leadership of nonprofits. The Council strives to accomplish this mission through advocacy, training, resource sharing, networking and the strength and extensive knowledge of the organization’s combined membership. More information at tncouncil.org.

Big Give 2021

If your nonprofit would like to participate in Big Give 2021, please email The Nonprofit Council to get connected to our email list so you don’t miss our announcements in the fall announcing the opening of the registration for nonprofits for the 2021 Big Give! info@tncouncil.org

The Need & FAQ:


Nonprofits in our community continue to find it difficult to reach/acquire new or unique individual donors to support their organizations. Foundation and corporate funding is limited and there is a need for these individual donors to get engaged with and donate to the nonprofit that speaks to their passion! It is critical to reach the general population to let them know the array of nonprofits locally doing such great work and encourage the donor to give via this robust, easy and secure online platform

Which organizations can participate in the Big Give?

IRS-approved and compliant 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations located within our 15 county service area (Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe, Wilson, Karnes, Medina, Kendall, Kerr, Uvalde, Real, Atascosa, Gonzales, Gillespie, Bandera, Frio) who have registered to participate and raise money on March 26, 2020.

Why should I give through the Big Give as opposed to giving directly to the agency?

Here are the top reasons to give through the Big Give:

SPOTLIGHT ON NONPROFITS - Each year, Big Give participants say the Big Give helps raise awareness for the local nonprofit sector. By coming together as one community on one day, we are able to leverage our resources to promote all of the good work nonprofits are doing in our region!

SUPPORT - The Big Give exists to support, equip, and serve the local nonprofit community through free workshops, opportunities for consultation, best practices, tools and templates that can be used to raise support year-round. Our goal is to equip every agency in our 15- county region with the tools they need to fulfill their important missions.

LEVERAGE - Each year, the Big Give provides prize money to agencies that participate in the event. This money is spread among the different size participants and enables agencies to maximize their efforts. Nonprofits are also encouraged to seek a matching gift for their campaign. This gives them the opportunity to leverage donations during the day and incentivize them to meet the match(s). In 2019, of the participating nonprofits that secured a match, 93% received the full value of their match through individual online donations.

COMMUNITY & FRIENDLY COMPETITION -Giving is contagious and by creating an entire event dedicated to supporting our local nonprofits via social sharing, we can come together as a community and encourage our friends and family to give to the causes we love the most. Last year, 43% of donations made through the Big Give came from first-time donors to the organization to which the donation was made. With so many nonprofits to discover, there is a mission/cause that will speak to you!

Can I make donations via a mobile device?

Yes! Simply visit www.thebiggivesa.org on your mobile device.

Can I give early if I cannot give on March 26?

Yes! The Big Give website will open one week before (on March 19) to early giving. By giving early, you won’t have to worry about missing the BIG DAY. From March 19 to March 25, you can give early, but you cannot pre-schedule your gift for a particular time on March 26. As soon as you choose to give, your donation will go through.

All early gifts will count toward your nonprofits’ totals for the Big Give amount raised and for overall prize money (end-of-day prizes only), but they will not count toward hourly/day-part prize awards, because you must give real-time in that particular hour on March 26 for it to count towards an hourly/day-part prize.

For example, since many organizations choose a particular hour to rally their supporters, it is inequitable to allow organizations to rally their supporters pre-event to schedule gifts on March 26 for a particular hour. The giving day is truly from midnight to midnight on March 26. The early gifts option is for those that may not be able to give on March 26, but still want their gifts to count for overall totals.

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Additional Facts and Event Information

For more information visit thebiggivesa.org or email the Nonprofit Council, info@tncouncil.org.