Funding Priorities

The specific focus of the Foundation is to assist children in the Greater San Antonio area with Food, Shelter, Clothing, Child Abuse/Neglect, Developmental Disabilities, Education (PreK – 12) (Out of School) (Post-Secondary), Foster Care, Homelessness, Mental Health, Medical Treatment, Substance Abuse, and other children’s charitable purposes.

To Apply For Funding – First Time Applicants

All first time applicants must contact their assigned Grants Manager prior to applying. Failure to due so will withdraw the organization from consideration.

Organizations Previously Declined

Organizations that have been previously declined three or more times can no longer apply for funding. An organization must create a user profile through our online portal. The fillable application will then be available for viewing. To assist the organization through the application, there will be small “?” symbols by each question which will provide helpful hints.

Program Guidelines

Only Section 501(c)(3) organizations who have been operating for 3 or more years may apply for grants from the Foundation. In addition, the organization must be qualified as 509(a)(1) or 509(a)(2) and such designation must appear on the IRS Determination letter. If the organization is a 509(a)(3), a legal opinion must be attached. Applications from other organizations or individuals will not be considered. Grants will only be awarded for the purposes stated above. Only 501(c)(3) organizations located and serving children in the following counties will be considered for funding from the Najim Charitable Foundation – Bexar, Atascosa, Bandera, Comal, Guadalupe, Kendall, Kerr, Medina, and Wilson. The Najim Charitable Foundation does not provide funding to higher education organizations, individuals, capital campaigns/expenditures, multi-year requests, adult populations, sponsorships, galas, or events. The Foundation will not consider more than one grant request per calendar year from an organization. If an organization has not expended their awarded funds from the prior year grant, they are not allowed to apply for additional funding until the prior grant funds have been fully expended and a final report has been submitted to the Foundation.

The Organization Agreement

Before any grant funds are disbursed, the recipient organization must enter into a written agreement with the Foundation outlining the respective responsibilities and obligations of both parties concerning the grant. The agreement will require a recipient organization to:

• Repay any amount not used for the purposes of the grant.
• Submit a full and complete final report to the Foundation describing the manner in which the funds were expended, and the progress made in accomplishing the grant’s purpose.
• Keep records of receipts and expenditures and to make its books and records available to the Foundation at reasonable times.
• Refrain from using any of the grant funds to influence legislation or the outcome of elections, to carry on voter registration drives, to make grants to individual or other organizations, or to undertake any non-exempt activity.

Contact Your Assigned Grants Manger

General inquiries

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“For more than thirty years, I have been focused on building and creating a successful business,” said Najim. “This foundation allows me to move from being a successful business leader to becoming a community leader focused on the needs of others.”