Our History

Harvey E. Najim founded Star Data Systems in 1980.  He renamed the company Sirius Computer Solutions in 1991.  In November 2006, the company entered into a partnership with Thoma Bravo, a Private Equity Firm.  The proceeds from this transaction enabled Mr. Najim to start his Foundation.


Mr. Najim was the 2014 Campaign Chair for United Way and raised $55 million.  He served as the Chairman of the Board of United Way in 2016 – 2017.  He also chaired the Bexar County Children’s Agenda in 2016 – 2017, which resulted in “Growing Healthy, Happy, Ready Children in Bexar County”.

& Purpose

Mr. Najim used $75 million of the proceeds from a financial equity partnership transaction in November 2006 to initially create the Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation.  Established in December 2006, the Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation is aimed at helping children’s charitable organizations in the greater San Antonio area with food, shelter, clothing, medical treatment, special needs, homelessness and early childhood education.


In July 2010, Mr. Najim added another $7 million to the foundation in honor of his 70th birthday.  In December 2013, Mr. Najim added another $2 million to the foundation.  In December 2015 when he retired from Sirius after 35 years, he added another $41 million, making the total contribution to the foundation $125 million since its inception.


Recipients of funds include 501 (c) (3) public charities that advance children’s education, children’s medical treatment, and other children’s charitable purposes. Grants will be awarded by the foundation’s Selection Committee which consists of Mr. Najim, his two daughters and a Board of Directors.

& Pledges

Since 2007, The Najim Charitable Foundation and Mr. Najim, personally have given out approximately $180 million in Grants and Pledges.

NamingWith a Purpose

In 2019, The Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation changed its name and is now known as The Harvey E. Najim Charitable Foundation.  The word “Charitable” truly describes the nature of the foundation and Mr. Najim’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of children and those in need in San Antonio.

Our Mission

The Najim Charitable Foundation

Core Values

Passion for All Children

Partnerships with Non-Profit Organizations

Believing in Every Child’s Dreams

Education for Every Child

Medical Care for Every Child