isionWorks, Inc. is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to enhance the lives of children, and their families, who are dealing with life-threatening illness through residential camping and other outdoor experiences designed to positively affect their emotional, physical,and spiritual needs.  In 2013, VisionWorks assumed the responsibility of Camp Discovery from the American Cancer Society (ACS).

VisionWorks Camps and Other Programs:

Camp Discovery – Camp Discovery is a children’s oncology camp established by the American Cancer Society (ACS) in 1984 to provide a unique camp experience to Texas children who were battling cancer. Camp Discovery provides these children a week away from all their worries of treatment and replaces it with fun, friendship, and a yearning to return the following year. The first camp hosted approximately 50 children and grew every year until we reached our limit of 150 children, which is where we are today. Camp Discovery is available to all children in Texas who have been diagnosed with cancer and do not have a camp of their own to attend, either in their geographic area or through their treatment center. While Camp Discovery opens its doors to any child with cancer, the majority of our campers come from Central and South Texas.

AYA in SA  – AYA in SA was created to build a community of Adolescent and Young Adults who have experienced cancer with cost-free, recreational activities in a safe, supportive and friendly environment.

Camp Common Ground – Camp Common Ground is a special camp consisting of several families who are able to spend a great weekend together at Camp CAMP, located in Center Point, Texas. The families participating are families from throughout Central and South Texas who have two things in common; a child in their family is a survivor of a hematology/oncology condition and also battles an additional disability. The participants are able to ride horses, canoe, be involved with arts and crafts and archery, and dance. Lots of dancing! There was even some individual time for parents while their children were off on a scavenger hunt or watching a movie.

Camp Firefly – Camp Firefly is a very special camp for families who have lost a child in their fight with cancer. Our inaugural camp took place in September of 2017 at YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow.

Family Camp Sponsored By KOA Care Camps – Family Camp is a weekend experience for families of children who are battling cancer. The experience takes place at YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow in the Texas Hill Country. All who attended are able to hike, ride horses, canoe, slide down a 50 foot slide into the Guadalupe River, swim, eat s’ mores by a campfire, play volleyball, climb the Challenge Course, and most of all just be in each other’s company.


VionWorks, Inc.’s mission is to enhance the lives of children, and their families, who are dealing with a life-threatening illness through residential camping and other outdoor experiences designed to positively affect their emotional, physical and spiritual needs.


Camp discovery was formerly sponsored by the American Cancer Society (ACS), but in 2013 the ACS announced that it was no longer sponsoring pediatric oncology camps nationwide. As a result of this decision, the ACS graciously offered VisionWorks the opportunity to place camp under our umbrella and we enthusiastically accepted.

Contact Us

VisionWorks, Inc P.O. Box 692153 San Antonio, TX 78269
(210) 698-9485

Why is Camp Discovery Important?

Who They Serve

Camp Discovery is a unique camp experience for children affected by cancer.
We are open to children ages 7-16 from any of the following hospitals* in Texas:

*Childrens’ Hospital of San Antonio
*Methodist Childrens’ Hospital
*Dell Children’s
*San Antonio Military Medical Center
*Wilford Hall Medical Center
*University Hospital

*If your hospital does not offer a camp, please contact us regarding a special application to come to Camp Discovery.

Camp Staff

We currently boast a 94% rate of returning volunteers. Approximately 74% of our volunteers are cancer survivors, with over 50% of those being former campers. Our staff members are dedicated to providing understanding, leadership, compassion, safety, and direction to our campers, as well as enjoying the experience with them.

The camp is abundantly staffed with volunteer nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians. Many of these medical professionals provide treatment to our campers on a regular basis away from camp, and claim that it is refreshing to see them outside the hospital environment.

Benefits to Camp Discovery

The main purpose of Camp Discovery is to provide these wonderful children a fun and “normal” camp experience, an experience they would not be able to get at a traditional residential camp. Other things take place like learning new skills, individual growth, and personal development. Speak with any of our long time volunteers and they could all tell you wonderful stories of what they have seen and experienced at Camp Discovery.

During Camp Discovery children will experience perhaps the best week of their life by swimming, fishing, climbing, canoeing, laughing, dancing, singing, horseback riding, and simply being with other people who can relate to their situation.

If you are interested in supporting VisionWorks, Inc. or would like information regarding one of their camps, please contact 210.698.9485 or email contact@visionworks.org 


“Camp Discovery has made a HUGE difference in my daughter’s life. She doesn’t know other survivors, and is disabled so it’s difficult to find camps that will make arrangements for her. Camp Discovery has shown her she’s not alone, she’s LOVED and part of a community. She’s made friends, gained independence….and just has so much fun. Camp is all she talks about all year long! 🙂”

“Antonio is extremely grateful this camp exists. He has grown and gained so much from his experiences at Camp Discovery. He is much more self-confident. We love you all so much for all the hard work that makes this all possible.”

“Our daughter had a wonderful time. We are so thankful for all of the people that work so hard to make Camp Discovery possible.”

“Thank you so much for allowing my son to have somewhere to camp. He was so excited to go and is still talking about it now.”

“Our son attended camp Discovery last year for the first time. Towards the end of it he got sick and he had to be picked up. He loves very much his mom and his dad but once we came to pick him up he cried that he had to go home, he wasn’t happy camper at all at that moment. That speaks volume to me. He couldn’t wait for this year and the whole year he made sure he eats well, sleeps enough to stay healthy not to get sick again during Camp Discovery. Though he was 8 years old first time attending the camp, I was amazed how fearless he was to be away from his beloved family for whole week. He had so much fun and it was so enjoyable for us to hear him talking about all the activities and his friends at camp. We can’t thank enough for all the sponsorship, Camp Leadership, volunteerism, hard work, planning, preparation which goes into the Camp Discovery. THANK YOU!!!”