Spotlight: Agora Ministries

Agora Ministries is on a mission to spread the love and hope of Christ in high-need areas. Their mission is realized through encouraging, empowering, educating, and mentoring at-risk students and families in our community. In their youth mentoring program, they build relationships and support students in San Antonio’s lowest-income, highest-crime, highest-dropout, and single-mother areas.

Recently, Agora Ministries launched AGORA Construction, an innovative extension of their youth mentoring efforts. This program hires young men and women, trains them in construction and soft skills, and pairs them with mentors as they learn.

Success Story:

AGORA Construction | Mason Mullen.

Mason joined the program after aging out of the foster care system. He receives $700 per month and free housing through the program. Despite a challenging upbringing—calling CPS on his abusive father at age 12 and growing up in the CPS system with a mother battling addiction—Mason faced numerous hurdles, including trust issues and substance abuse.
Today, Mason has transformed into a loving, respectful, and hardworking individual. He approaches adversity with prayer and guidance, navigating life with a hopeful and bright future. Mason has gained valuable skills in siding, flooring, framing, light electrical work, decking, and more, thanks to AGORA Construction

Thank you, Agora Ministries for making a difference in our community!

To view upcoming events and learn how you can get involved, visit Agora Ministries website here: website