Artvango is a 501(c)3 that provides various forms of expressive therapies to children in foster care, those adopted from the Bexar County foster care system and children who have experience hardships in their young lives. Expressive forms of therapy include: art, music, play, meditation, animal assisted therapy and EMDR therapy. This wide range of expressive forms of therapy is tailored to each child’s age and developmental stage in order for self-expression to occur in a safe and inviting way. Parents are also invited to attend a monthly parent support group offering practical parenting solutions.


Artvango Therapeutic Services, Inc., is committed to uplifting and healing children affected by the cycle of abuse, poverty and trauma. Artvango Therapeutic Services, Inc., is founded on the principles of helping children and their families heal through the use of expressive arts in the therapeutic environment to strengthen personal awareness, nurture, healing, and positive change


Utilizing children’s means of communication such as the expressive arts to heal traumatic events in their lives.

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Art Therapy

Is a form of psychotherapy based on the process of creating visual images through drawing, painting, sculpting, and the use of other art materials. In art therapy, emotions and thoughts are expressed symbolically through the creation of personal imagery. Art bypasses verbal defenses and limitations, allowing for insight to occur in a non-threatening way. Art can be reflected upon, with guidance from the art therapist, one can explore the meaning of the images and work through areas of conflict and distress.


Licensed professional counselors provide confidential psychotherapy sessions to individuals, families, and in group settings to those who are experiencing behavioral, social, or challenging situations as it relates to being in the foster care system. Counseling session objectives are to strengthen personal awareness, nurture, heal, foster positive social changes, improve family communication, and expand and deepen their personal skills needed to help cope with the challenges that come from being the foster care system.


In an effort to improve the lives of the foster care community, Artvango has collaborated with community partners in providing art therapy, play therapy and workshop in an effort to help spread the word on how trauma affects children while offering effective parenting tools when working with children from hard places. Artvango offers community outreach through events and presentations and an array of professional educational trainings.

Painting the Possibilities

A supportive art therapy group in which preteens participate in structured art activities designed to help them identify and express their feelings. This support group enhances their social and problem solving skills, increase self-esteem, build self confidence, learn ways to reduce anxiety and conflict, re-direct negative thinking, and develop appropriate strategies for coping with life’s struggles and help them to make positive choices.

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If you’re interested in providing your child with expressive forms of therapy, reach out to Artvango or check out their website for information on services and accepted insurance.

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