SA Youth is a non-profit organization that directs their primary focus on educating the youth and helping them towards a better future. SA Youth set out three goals to focus on when a child enters their program. The first goal is to improve a educational improvement, the second goal is to develop positive values and characters, and the third goal is the develop a healthy lifestyle. With these three goals set into place SA Youth hopes to see young adults who are honest, responsible and upstanding community members and create awareness around young adults who are drug free, fit, have balanced diets, and do not smoke, drink in excess or use drugs, are free of gang and other criminal behavior.


SA Youth empowers San Antonio’s high-risk youth and young adults to achieve their full potential by providing quality educational programming in a safe environment.


Is that all San Antonio youth and young adults have equitable access to educational opportunities, graduate from high school, and become successful community-minded adults, regardless of circumstance.

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1215 W. Poplar St.
San Antonio, TX 78207




The SA Fit! Program communicates the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. The program uses physical fitness programs and nutrition education to fight food insecurities and childhood obesity. To fight childhood hunger, SA Youth provides nutritious food once a day during the school year and twice daily during the summer.


SA Youth operates multiple Out-of-School Time (OST) programs year-round for low-income school-aged youth during non-school hours when juvenile crime and delinquency typically peak. This service includes a safe facility, nutritional sustenance, caring adult role models, and supervised educational activities. Students can also participate in countless additional opportunities such as reading clubs, homework assistance, field trips, family engagement, and physical fitness. These positive development opportunities can boost self-confidence, foster growth, and aid in dropout prevention.


Our Youth Development program aims to revitalize unemployed young adults ages 16 to 24 who have exited the traditional schooling system. This new beginning allows them to renew their hope and recover their high school diplomas or earn a GED. These individuals learn marketable skills while participating in progressive education, workforce training, and leadership development. These young adults will be equipped to enter the workforce as they’ve acquired the knowledge, skillset, and work ethic needed to rise above their circumstances.
If you are interested in supporting SA Youth please contact  210.223.3131