Building Hope for Future Generations

Established in December 2006, the Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation is aimed at helping children’s charitable organizations in the greater San Antonio area. Mr. Najim used $75 million of the proceeds from an equity partnership transaction to initially create the Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation.

Recipients of funds will include 501 (c) (3) public charities that advance children’s education, children’s medical treatment, and other children’s charitable purposes. Grants will be awarded by the foundation’s Selection Committee which consists of Mr. Najim, his two daughters and a Board of Directors.

Since 2007, the Najim Family Foundation & Mr. Najim, personally have given out in grants & pledges approximately $109 million to close to 230 different children’s charitable organizations.  

Board of Directors

  • Harvey E. Najim
  • Jim House
  • Carrie Najim Matthiesen
  • Christine Najim Ray
  • Rebecca Q. Cedillo
  • Rebecca Cervantez
  • Doug Cross
  • Peggy Eighmy
  • Don Harris
  • Brandon Logan
  • Roy Terracina

Advisory Members

  • None at this time

“For more than thirty years, I have been focused on building and creating a successful business,” said Najim. “This foundation allows me to move from being a successful business leader to becoming a community leader focused on the needs of others.”

HARVEY E. NAJIMFounder, Najim Family Foundation