Letter of Inquiry

Once you have determined that there is a match between your request and the Foundation’s focus, a Letter of Inquiry may be submitted.  When submitting the Letter of Inquiry, please make certain that the request addresses the Foundation’s funding priorities.

Funding Priorities

Providing children with food and shelter, clothing, children’s education, the medical treatment of children, and other children’s charitable purposes in the Greater San Antonio area.

Preparing a Letter Of Inquiry

A Letter of Inquiry should include the following components in the order listed below, should not exceed 3 pages in length and must include contact information for the President or Executive Director of the organization.  Please be brief but concise in the LOI, greater detail will be requested if invited to submit an application.

**If a submitted LOI exceeds the 3-page requirement and does not follow the format below, it will automatically be declined** 

Please use each bullet below as the heading for that section’s response. The LOI context should be 12-point Times New Roman.

Project Title (Complete in one sentence–no longer than 225 characters, including spaces. This is a brief description of the project in one sentence.Complete this sentence:  To support ____________
Amount of funding request: ____________  (whole dollar amounts only)
Brief statement of the organization’s purpose and history
Project description
Brief statement of any previous funding received from The Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation
How the proposed project relates to The Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation’s funding priorities
Line-item budget for project in which funds are being requested (this is not your organization’s budget)

Line-item budget description This is not the total revenue or expenses for the organization.  This will detail the cost associated with the project being requested.

Example If the organization is requesting $25,000 from the Najim Family Foundation and the total cost of the project is $50,000, then your line-item would look like

Line Item description Total Project Funds Allocation Najim requested funds allocation
XXXX $5,000 $5,000
XXXX $2,500
XXXX $10,000 $10,000
XXXX $2,500
XXXX $10,000 $10,000
XXXX $20,000
Total $50,000 $25,000

Children impacted

The TOTAL project initiative will impact _______ number of unduplicated children.
NFF requested funds will impact _______ number of unduplicated children.
Organization total revenue and expenses for current fiscal year
Project timeline (beginning and ending dates)
Brief project evaluation criteria
List other project founders (pending and committed foundations) MUST INCLUDE NAME OF FOUNDATION & DOLLAR AMOUNT, PENDING OR COMMITTED
Contact information of primary and secondary person within organization (INCLUDE: Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Address)

Attach the following to the Letter of Inquiry submission

Copy of the organization’s IRS Determination Letter


Do not submit with a Letter of Inquiry:  Examples of past work (articles, reports, videos, or other materials).  These items will be requested if needed.

Review of letter of inquiry

The Foundation staff will review the Letter of Inquiry upon receipt.
The Selection Committee will determine which applicants will be invited to submit a grant application. Those applicants will receive an email notification within two to three weeks of the LOI deadline inviting them to submit a formal grant application.
Declination letters will be emailed to all remaining applicants according to the grant application schedule. The foundation’s decision does not reflect on the value of the project, but rather our attempt to balance resources.

Please note:  An invitation to submit a formal grant application is not a guarantee of funding.


Upload LOI and IRS determination letter

Instructions: Click on the “Apply Now” button located at the bottom of this page. EVERY USER must register and create an account. Once registered, the applicant may access the account and upload the two required documents.

Deadline to submit: LOI must be uploaded/submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. on the day of the LOI deadline posted on the Najim Family Foundation website.


When you have completed and uploaded the LOI and IRS Determination Letter / Funding Application to the website, email the appropriate contact for your organization, stating that the organization’s LOI and IRS Determination Letter / Funding Application have been uploaded to the website.

Organizations A – J:
Melissa Reed, Grants Manager

Organizations K – Z:
Kathleen Fenlon, Grants Manager

Melissa R. / Kathleen will reply with a confirmation email stating that the Najim Family Foundation has received both documents. The LOI process / Application process is not complete until you have received a confirmation email from either Melissa R. or Kathleen stating that your documents have been successfully received.